Payment and Shipping Options



*EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2017: Our credit card processing company here in Canada has shut down all credit card processing for online vape orders. We are currently looking for a new processor but EFT payments are the only option available to us at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying to find an alternate as fast as possible. In the mean time EFT payment instructions are listed below.

Email Funds Transfer.  These are a COMPLETELY safe and a very fast method of payment. EFTs are being used more and more by companies and customers all over the world. We do not receive any personal information from your bank account, and the payments are received within one hour after you send it, which allows us to get your order made and shipped as fast as possible.  

If you already use internet banking, or have access to internet banking, this is our only option. If you have not used or are unfamiliar with this payment option please check with your bank to sure your accounts allow it and your set-up is easy and correct.


Email Funds Transfer instructions:

Send transfer/payment to:
Security Question: "pacific"
Security Answer: "vapour"

Please include order number in EFT note section

* Log in to your online banking.

* Navigate to the 'transfer/payment' options in the menu, or select 'send an email money transfer'.

* Set up a recipient (this will stay set up once you complete this step for the first time). Specify the recipient's email address, and set up the security question and answer (our information is listed above).

* Type in amount to send (amount that will be invoiced to your email address as soon as you complete this order) and remember to include your order number in the EFT note line.

* Then follow the send prompts (each online bank institution is slightly different) and wait for your confirmation email to send to your inbox.

CANADA: We offer expedited shipping in Canada, which comes with a tracking number, and FREE shipping on all orders over $100 before taxes!
USA: Currently we are not able to ship to the US. Sorry for any inconvenience. 
All payments are in Canadian Funds (CAD). Due to the nature of personal taste we cannot offer refunds, exchanges, or returns on any of our e-juice.